About Us

HI Transformational Fund

Investment Philosophy

“Technology-Driven, Entrepreneurship Oriented” is our guiding investment principal. Our investment process centers on “Discover ‒ Extract ‒ Realize” to identify, invest alongside and active partner to grow the businesses with the goal to generate superior returns for investors.
HI Transformational Fund focus on Transformational Growth Capital opportunities targeting businesses that are at an inflection point of their development, where the secular growth of artificial intelligence (“AI”), Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (“IoT”), represent the “next wave” of enterprise technologies that are driving digital transformation. We bring a blend of commercial, technological and financial expertise to help portfolio companies at the critical moment of their growth by deploying our unique Collaborative Activist Approach, which works in a hands-on and constructive manner with the management team to realize value-enhancement potential and enhance shareholder value.
We have invested in more than 1.6 billion USD (10 billion RMB) and have been playing the leading role in several influential investments, including JD Digits, Shouqi Rental, Shouqi Gofun, Horizon Robotics, Yunding Technology, SequoiaDB, and Huisuanzhang. We have been selected as the “TOP50 best private equity investment institutions in China” and “TOP30 best RMB private equity investment institutions” by China Venture in four consecutive years (2017-2020).