Harvest Investments is a private equity investment firm internally incubated by Harvest Fund Management Company, one of the most prestigious mutual fund managers in China. Harvest Investments believes “Win with Vision” and is dedicated to acting as the most reliable and endurable partner to enterprises and investors, through the discovery, realization, and creation of value.

We sincerely treat fundamental analysis as the cornerstone of our investing process since day one. We differentiate ourselves by in-depth knowledge of industry fundamentals, deep understanding of market trends, and the ability of finding compelling investment opportunities. We commit ourselves to providing strategic partnerships to portfolio companies and maximizing returns for our investors through value creation.

Throughout the past three years, we have invested more than 20 billion RMB and have been playing the leading role in several influential investments, including Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur, Shouqi Gofun, 51 Credit Card Manager, JD Finance, Horizon Robotics, Yunding Technology, Hua Medicine, and MabWorks.