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HI Transformational Fund is a leading independent private equity investment firm that was originally incubated by Harvest Fund Management, one of China’s largest Mutual Fund Managers, in 2014. We manage both USD and RMB funds with a total AUM of 1.6 billion USD equivalent.  We manage capital on behalf of international institutional investors including pension funds, fund of funds, corporate, private banks and family offices. We focus on Transformational Growth Capital opportunities targeting business that are at an inflection point of their development, where the secular growth of Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things ("IoT"), representing the “next wave” of enterprise technologies that are driving digital transformation.

Science and
Technology Driven

Center on Solow Residual

Our DNA lies in the belief that investment success comes from identifying visionary ideas and carefully pursuing them. This is done by the team’s extensive research capabilities combining bottom-up analysis of sectors and companies alongside top-down strategic analysis of global and local macro / market trends.  The research captures big data presenting a comprehensive picture of Chinese markets, in local contexts, and implements the insights directly into the investment process. This allows us to see value where others don’t, and to equip the team with the capabilities to look beyond the obvious. Key to the firm’s investment strategy is our Collaborative Activist Approach, which works in a hands-on constructive manner with the founders/management teams to realize value-enhancement potential and not afraid to go ‘Against the Grain’ to protect and enhance shareholder value.


Focus on innovative Competition and Emulation

The vital engine of economic growth are entrepreneurs, who, through the vibrantly innovative competition and emulation, invent new forms of organizing production activities. Meanwhile, China’s evolving new economy will facilitate the realization of capital premium and market recognition of entrepreneurship.