Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics founded in 2015 is one of Chinese artificial intelligence chip designer. Dedicated to embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Horizon Robotics provides integrated software and hardware AI solutions with high performance and low power chips. Horizon Robotics currently ranks third among Chinese companies on the A-List in AI Chipset Index released by Compass Intelligence.

JD Digits

JD Digits (f.k.a JD Finance) is China’s leading fintech company benefiting from the unique JD ecosystem. JD Digits leverages on advanced technologies (i.e. big data, AI, IoT, and blockchain), to help companies reduce costs and achieve optimal business efficiencies. At present, JD Digits has completed the layout in the fields of AI, AI Robots, Smart City, Digital Marketing and Fintech, it provides services to 400 million individual users, more than 700 financial institutions and governments and other public service institutions in more than 30 cities in China.


Shouqi Car Rental was founded in 1992 as one of the first car rental businesses in China. Shouqi operates as a subsidiary of Beijing Tourism Group (BTG), a Chinese state-owned enterprise operating in various areas of tourism, including travel agencies, dining, hotels, shopping and entertainment. Taking advantage of the precious industry resources brought by controlling shareholders, advanced customer service philosophy, and an increasing high quality customer base, SCR has developed as an industry leader in domestic car rental market.


Founded by Shouyue Technologies and Shouqi Group, SLCS serves as a high-end ride-hailing platform providing luxurious professional transportation services. With major operations in Bejing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, SLCS has successfully established a nationwide service network in China. SLCS aims to cement its market dominance by establishing an industry benchmark in compliance management and transportation network technologies in the era of Internet Plus.


Envisioning a better future powered by on-demand mobility, SEV provides the hourly billed car-sharing service that makes life on the road more fun and efficient. In addition to being as an economic and convenient transportation option, the business model of SEV can also contribute to less congestion and fewer carbon emissions, and will surely make the world a better place.

QiNiu Cloud

QiNiu Cloud is a national leading cloud storage service provider in China. Through massive data and rich media scenarios across industries, Qiniu Cloud launches the intelligent video cloud integrated with CDN, object storage, cloud host, big data, content recognition platform and other product portfolios. The company has developed an advanced fully distributed architecture and provided comprehensive solutions for more than one million high-quality enterprise clients including many of the blue-chip companies in media, e-commerce and computer game fields.

YunDing Technology

YunDing Technology is the leading innovative company in Smart Home Security Systems in China. The company owns two brand series, “Luke” and “Yunding”, targeted at the Household Market and Apartment Segment, respectively. By 2020, the overall sales volume of “Luke” products in the Household Market has reached one million; it also takes the first place with over 65% in market share of smart locks in the Smart Apartment Segment and more than 8,000 cooperative apartments.


Founded in October 2012, SequoiaDB is the leading distributed database company in China. The main products includes distributed relational database and SequoiaCM enterprise content management software. SequoiaDB has more than 1000 enterprise customers and community users and has deployed on core system of more than 50 major financial institutions, such as bank (i.e. Guangfa Bank, Minsheng Bank), insurance and security clients of Fortune- 500 Level.

Fresh Legend

With its first store opened in 2015, Fresh Legend is a fast-growing neighborhood fresh grocery chain originated in Hefei, Anhui Province. Its product catalogue covers majority of groceries related to daily meals, including 700-800 fresh grocery SKUs and 1,300-1,400 normal grocery SKUs, pricing at a discount of c. 10% compared with nearby hypermarkets/supermarkets. Leveraging on the large amount of data collected through each transaction, the company seek to analyzed and create standardized operating model and consistent execution across all stores.